About us


1. Location. We are located near London, a few miles from the M3, ideally placed to get to from anywhere in the South East or the West.

2. 1335m of tarmac! We have a long tarmac runway with PAPIs and lighting maximising flying days.

3. Small but perfectly formed. Alison and Steve Morley run the organisation. Steve is CFI and head of training and Alison runs the business delivering high quality training in a friendly, professional environment.

4. Steady hand on the tiller. Our ops team have been with us for a long time and have a reputation for friendliness and professional work.

5. Bespoke training. We deliver training in a way that suits you, the customer. We have a  wide range of aircraft and instructors.

6. Online booking and records. Our system is fully paperless from the booking system to the flight logging and student records. You can book, check your hours and review your training from any device, anywhere.

7. Transparency of price. All our courses are a fixed price with no hidden extras; so that if you complete the course within the required hours you will have nothing else to pay.

8. Instructors in the know. We teach the flying instructor course and many of our instructors were taught by us. Our newest instructor started here as a PPL student 2 years ago! This means there is good continuity of instruction.

9. Wide range of instructor experience. We have a wide range of instructors in terms of age and experience. Many instructors have been with us for many years. What they share is our ethos that whatever training you do here it has to be fun.

10. Job opportunities. We teach UK part FCL licences. There are more than 65 airlines operating out of the UK so plenty of employment opportunities for when the airline market improves. We think this gives students a clear career pathway in the UK meaning that medicals, licences and all training is all UK based.


Steve Morley
Club Owner, Chief Flying Instructor, Head of Training, Examiner
I have been flying since 1999 having started late but was very quickly hooked. It became my dream to own and run Blackbushe Aviation having been an instructor here for a number of years. I bought the club in November 2013 with my wife, Alison. We are very proud that we continue to grow the business year on year. We own 10 aircraft and have access to many others. We are equally proud of maintaining the friendly, open atmosphere that welcomes everyone from hobby PPLs to those wanting to fly for a career. Our students' ages range from 13 to 74. We are now able to offer CPL, Multi IR and FI instruction as well as PPL. I instruct for CPL, Instructor, PPL, LAPL, IR, IMC and night and am an examiner for PPL, LAPL and IMC. I am inspired by the large number of students who have gone on from here to fly commercially. However for me, sending someone on their first ever solo can never be bettered!
Alison Morley
Club Owner, Operations Director, Safety Manager
Somehow Steve persuaded me to buy a flying school (!) and I have quickly become passionate about the business. We offer high quality training whilst keeping the essence of what we set out to achieve; which is everyone enjoying their time here, whether an occasional student studying for their PPL or our students who are here full time on our modular courses. My role at the club is to ensure its smooth running, guiding all our students through their training and that Steve flies as much as possible! My favourite moments are watching how our students, young and old alike, grow and develop during their time with us.

Operations team

Operations Manager
Operations Assistant
Operations Assistant
Dakota Morley
Blackbushe Aviation


George Davies
Instructor – PPL
Raj Sidhu
Instructor – PPL, IR(r) and IR
Andrew Pritchard
Instructor – PPL, MEP, IR and CPL
Jim Coakley
Instructor – PPL
Ian Radford
Instructor – PPL
Julian Hickman
Instructor – PPL, IR and CPL
Gus Denovan
Instructor – PPL, IR and CPL
Gary Gates
Instructor – PPL
Steve Pells
Instructor and Examiner – PPL, IR, CPL and MEP
Alistair Greenan
Instructor – PPL
Adam Byles
Instructor and Examiner – PPL, IR, CPL and MEP
Steve Bradd
Instructor and Examiner – PPL, IR and MEP

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