Beyond the PPL

Join the Club!

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a pilots licence.

For many training organisations the relationship between the school and the student ends there but not at Blackbushe Aviation. We want you to carry on enjoying the privileges of your new licence for years to come and to that end we hire our aircraft and have regular club events.

During the winter months we continue to fly but in addition we have monthly seminars on various subjects, usually on the third Wednesday of the month after work at the club. These are free to members.

To encourage regular flying we run mentoring schemes pairing new PPLs with experienced flyers and buddying schemes putting pilots together so that you can  share the planning and either fly cheaper or twice as far!

We also organise regular fly outs to destinations you might not otherwise fly to. It will encourage you to spread your wings and fly further afield.

Hire, syndicate or non-equity group?

This is a question most pilots ask. Which is cheaper? Which is better for me?

Depending on how often you fly, your average hourly cost varies greatly. There are several ways to keep flying, the most expensive being buying your own aircraft!

If you don't want to do that you could hire from us - we have gold membership for pilots offering a hugely discounted hire rate.

Also you could get a share - either equity or non equity and fly outside the protection of an ATO.

Many stay hiring from us and some go on to fly more complex types such as retractable, glass cockpit, twin engine or even classics such as the Tiger Moth.

A number of our PPLs go on to train for their Commercial licence (CPL) the IR(R), the full IR and the Multi engine rating. Click on the links for more information and/ or come and see us at the club.