Commercial and advanced training

Advanced training up to commercial level

There are many reasons why a pilot may wish to undertake advanced training. Maybe you simply want to be a better pilot or want to fly longer distances and attach an IR or MEP rating to your PPL.

Maybe you want to go all the way and fly as a career. At Blackbushe Aviation we have tailored packages for you to realise your aviation dream, whatever it is.

We are a modular training organisation for UK part FCL licences.

First, a comparison of integrated -v- modular training. Integrated is all in-house and your training is specifically geared to the airlines. Integrated includes all theory and flight training. It is done with fewer flying hours but at a greater cost.

Modular, on the other hand, is training towards your CPL/multi/IR done in separate modules, hence the name. This is the training we do. Our recommended pathway is  PPL, Night rating, IRr. Then, simultaneously with your ATPL theory you get your MEP, MEP/IR or CBIR. There are minimum hours needed for some of this training so hour building is required at certain stages. Finally the CPL and UPRT training following which you are a fully fledged CPL/Multi/IR pilot sometimes referred to as a "frozen ATPL". We offer all inclusive packages for this. The cost is far lower than integrated, often half the price.  Find out more

MCC JOC training is also required for the airlines should you wish to pursue that route. This, along with ATPL theory is done outside our organisation.

If you simply want to train for the CPL in order to sharpen up your flying, do some single pilot commercial work such as calibration or ferry flights, you can go straight to that module. Find out more

If you have a PPL and want to take the family on holiday with fewer weather delays you might want to get the IR or CBIR. Find out more

If you want the extra speed and enhanced safety of a multi engine aircraft for touring you will need an MEP rating. Find out more

If you simply want the benefit of being able to fly in cloud and perform instrument approaches in the UK on your PPL the IRr is the one for you. Find out more

Whatever your mission profile the team at Blackbushe Aviation will tailor you the perfect course structure.

The Commercial Pilots Licence is a professional licence allowing the holder the privilege of flying for remuneration, carrying passengers, freight or carrying out other aerial work.


The aim of this course is to train PPL(A) holders to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of a CPL(A). This course is designed for applicants who do not wish to undertake a full time course of integrated training or who wish to stagger their training by completing approved 'modules' of approved training over a period of time.

The holder of a CPL(A) may:

  • Exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL(A) and a PPL(A)
  • Act as PIC or co-pilot of any aeroplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transport
  • Act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aeroplane
  • Act as co-pilot in commercial air transport (airlines)

There are certain pre-requisites. Before training can commence the applicant must have:

  • A PPL(A)
  • 150 hours total flying
  • Have an MEP rating if the course is to be conducted in an MEP

The course consists of a minimum of 25 hours of flying training – 30 hours for applicants without a Night Flying (Aeroplane) qualification. The flying training may be reduced by 10 hours for holders of valid Instrument Ratings or of a Course Completion Certificate for the Basic Instrument Flight Module.

An applicant for a CPL(A) shall hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate. Applicants are strongly advised to ensure that they meet the appropriate medical standard before embarking on a course of training.

An applicant for a CPL(A) must have completed a minimum 200 hours as Pilot of aeroplanes including:

  • Pilot-in-Command (PIC) - 100 hours including
  • 20 hours minimum cross country which must include: a cross-country flight of at least 540km (300 nm) in the course of which full-stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodromes of departure shall be made.
  • Night rating or the same amount of training
  • Instrument instruction – 10 hours minimum which can include: Instrument Ground Time (in a FNPT I or II or a Flight Simulator) 5 hours (max).

Training will consist of 25 hours dual flight instruction including 10 hours of instrument instruction unless the holder has the BIFM or an IR. At least 5 hours of the flight instruction shall be carried out in a complex aeroplane (certificated for the carriage of at least four persons and have a variable pitch propeller and retractable landing gear). Our courses comprise 10 hours in a complex.

Flying completed on the course may be counted towards meeting the flying experience requirements for licence issue.

Applicants without a night flying qualification shall be given 5 hours night flight instruction.

At Blackbushe Aviation the basic aircraft training is conducted in a PA28.

The 10 hours complex aircraft training will be carried out in the TB20 or Piper Arrow.

The flight training includes comprehensive pre-flight briefings.

Licences and ratings


Julien Thibaud CPL/MULTI/IR student