The Fleet

Introducing the Blackbushe Aviation Fleet

We have ten aircraft available for training or hire ranging from basic two seaters to sophisticated high performance touring aircraft.

3 x Sonaca S200s

Pride of our fleet are three brand new Sonaca S200 training aircraft, G-LKAM, G-LKSM and G-LKDM. These aircraft were bought new for Blackbushe Aviation and are used for basic PPL training. Sonaca S200s are superb training aircraft loved by both our students and instructors. We have had many students gain their PPLs in them.

2 x Cessna 152s

Every flying club has flown Cessna 152s and we are no exception! G-BZEA is an A152 aerobat and G-BZEB is a C152 standard trainer.

2x Piper PA28s

We have two four seater Piper PA28 aircraft for basic and advanced training and both aircraft are IFR equipped. G-BICW was Steve's personal aircraft until 2019 when it joined the fleet. Charlie Whisky is a 161 Warrior equipped with twin Garmin G5s and a Garmin 650 GPS Nav/com.

G-JJAN is a 181 Archer equipped with a Garmin 430W and twin Garmin G5’s.

Piper PA28 RT

G-BOWY is a Piper PA28 Arrow Turbo IV. This complex aircraft is a favourite of our advanced students. WY has a variable pitch propeller, retractable landing gear and is turbocharged. Fitted with Avidyne IFD540 and two Garmin G5’s, this is a great IFR platform. It is also a great long distance touring aircraft with 140kts+ IAS and an advanced Autopilot.

Socata TB20

Our Socata TB20 G-BPTI is used for commercial and IR training and hire. Tango India is equipped with an S-tec autopilot, twin G5s and an Avidyne IFD 440 GPS Nav/com. This is a go places aircraft built for speed!

Diamond DA42 Twin-Star

Our new Diamond DA42 Twin-star is a great Multi-Engine platform and is available for training and private hire. Featuring a new interior and Garmin G1000 avionics, it is a very suitable aircraft for Multi Engine Propeller (MEP), Multi Engine Renewals and Revalidations, Multi Engine Propeller Instrument Rating (MEP IR).