Ground School

Ground School at Blackbushe Aviation

The initial PPL or LAPL requires nine exams to be passed. 

At Blackbushe aviation we conduct ground school for all nine subjects. We also conduct exam preparation as well as the exams themselves. Ground school can be conducted online or at the club - in a group or one to one. Exams are required to be taken at the club.

PPL Theory Ground School

There are nine subjects each with their own exam taken online at the school. They consist of 12 - 16 questions that are either multiple choice, dropdown menu or empty field answers. The total number of questions for the whole syllabus is 120. The subjects are:-

Air Law

Operational Procedures

Human Performance and Limitations (HPL)


Flight Performance and Planning (FPL)


Aircraft General

Principles of Flight (POF)


Ground school can be either online via Zoom or at the club.

Group ground school is £65 for a half day and £115 for a full day. This rate is much lower than other ground schools offering the same.

One to one ground school is £35ph

Brush up or exam preparation ground school is also available at the same rate.

Also specific elements of the PPL/LAPL are offered. These include:-

CRP1 "whizz wheel" calculations and conversions

POH performance charts

Mass and balance charts

Forced landings

Please contact the school for dates and details or look on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Advanced Ground School

After you have achieved your PPL you will almost certainly want to add to your skills. We offer ground school for the majority of the ratings and licences we teach. Subjects include

Cross channel flying

Night flying

Instrument flying

Controlled airspace flying

Winter flying

Flying after a long break

Air Law update

Rates are as above.

We also conduct evening seminars, currently suspended, covering most of these subjects.

We communicate via Facebook/Instagram, email to members and this website.