Hour building

Hour building at Blackbushe Aviation

We provide all inclusive Hour Building packages in our Sonaca S200s, Piper PA28s or Diamond DA40 aircraft.


Sonaca S200 Hour Building Package

25 Hours £4,500


Piper PA28 Hour Building Packages

25 Hours £4,950

50 Hours £9,850


Diamond DA40 Hour Building Packages

25 Hours £6,625

50 Hours £12,950


There are many advantages of doing your Hour Building with Blackbushe Aviation.  Our prices are all inclusive of club membership and landing fees at Blackbushe. We have onsite engineering who can assist with any minor Techlog entries extremely quickly, ensuring that our fleet is always kept in the best condition and ready to fly.

We encourage a club atmosphere with lots of members looking to share flights and costs. We have an active social calendar including Flyouts and BBQs.

Our instructors are always around to ask questions and they will happily give advice on Weather, Navigation/Routing, and NOTAMs.

25 hour packages are valid for 6 months and 50 hour packages are valid for 12 months.

Please contact the Ops team at info@blackbusheaviation.com for more information.