Instrument Rating (Restricted) – IR(R)


All inclusive price £4,750 in a PA28 or £5,550 in a PA28R includes 15 hours flying, ground school, landing fees, membership and written exam.

The Instrument Rating (Restricted) IR(R), is a national rating and is sometimes referred to as the IMC rating.

The IR(R) is a natural step forward for those who have qualified for their Private Pilots Licence. It permits pilots to fly safely in poor weather conditions, in cloud and fly instrument approaches down to the published minima in the same airspace allowed by the PPL, although its real purpose is to ensure that a flight may safely continue should the pilot inadvertently encounter bad weather conditions en-route. It is recommended, however, that an IR(R) holder applies an absolute minimum of 500 ft above ground level during an approach.

The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours training covering instrument flight, navigation and precision/non-precision approaches.

There is one theory exam.