Light Aircraft Pilots Licence – LAPL

LAPL – Two all inclusive packages from £4,500 each

The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) is a private licence where the holder can act as Pilot In Command (PIC) on single-engine piston aeroplanes up to a maximum take off weight of 2000 kg, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers not including the pilot.

The course consists of nine theory subjects which can be learned self-study or through our regular study seminars and briefings, and a minimum of 30 hours flying training consisting of dual and solo flight including solo cross country flights to other airfields.

The minimum age to collect your licence is 17 and the minimum age for solo flight is 16. You can commence training at any age.

A LAPL requires a valid LAPL medical which you can get from a visit to an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) or your GP.

Your LAPL will allow you to fly daytime in visual conditions (VMC), which means you cannot fly in cloud. You can add a night rating to your LAPL. If you want to achieve further ratings, such as an Instrument rating (restricted) IR(R) or a full IR you will need to train for the PPL.

Training starts from £249 per hour. Fully inclusive training packages and discounts are available.

Please email or call for more details.