Modular CPL/Multi/IR packages

The route to the CPL/Multi/IR

The Blackbushe Aviation modular route to the CPL/Multi/IR means you can tailor the courses to your own convenience. 

At Blackbushe Aviation we offer all inclusive packages for each modular course so you can track your progress and budget accordingly.

These packages include aircraft, membership, instruction, insurance, landing fees, approach fees home and away, VAT and ground school.

These modules are totally flexible and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. They can be used to reduce the number of hours you need to spend hour building. Have a look at our table below.

There are 6 modules which need to be completed for the CPL Multi IR.

IMC/IR(r) 15 hours with an IR instructor inc 5 hours ground school and written exam £4,750 in a PA28; £5,550 in a PA28R/ TB20

Night rating 5 hours and 1 hour ground school £1,650

UPRT 4 hours and 5 hours ground school £2,045

MEP 6 hours inc 7 hours ground school and written exam £3,750

CBIR multi 30 hours, 15 SEP 15 MEP with 10 hours ground school £14,500

CPL 15 hours (with IRr) inc. 5 hours in complex and 10 hours ground school £5,950

Have a look at the table below. Training prices are as above and as a guide we sell 50 hours for skill building for £6,850 in a C152

CPL/ATPL theory has to be completed before commencing IR or CPL training