Modular CPL/Multi/IR package for less than £29,000

Two routes to the CPL/Multi/IR

If you have a PPL and have met the pre-requisites in hours you can go on to achieve your CPL/Multi/IR, sometimes referred to as a frozen ATPL.

This entitles you to fly as co-pilot in airliners subject to the appropriate type rating and go on in time to get your ATPL.

The heavily discounted packages are all inclusive and are set out in three modules of 25 - 30 hours training each.

These modules are totally flexible and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and can be used to reduce the number of hours you need to spend hour building.

Module 1 is 30 hours and covers the Basic instrument flight module, IR(R) and the CPL(A).

Module 2 is 25 hours and covers the MEP rating, basic IR training and starts applied IR training.

Module 3 is 25 hours and covers applied IR training and multi IR training finishing off the courses.

The courses include membership, flying training, insurance, landing and approach fees both at Blackbushe and elsewhere, pre and post flight briefs and up to 15 hours ground school.

Modules are £9,500 each.

We also have a very cost effective route to the CPL/Multi/IR if you are yet to meet the pre-requisites for hours.

Have a look at the table below. Training prices are the same as above and as a guide we sell 50 hours for skill building from £5,250.