Pilot training


Our all inclusive learn to fly package for the first 15 hours in this aircraft is £3,800. This includes everything you need to get going, even a headset!

Both the PPL and LAPL have different privileges, as set out in the "compare the licences" table below.

Both of these licences require training both on the ground and in the air. There are nine theory subjects to learn and Blackbushe Aviation conducts ground school on each one in addition to regular free seminars on the subjects. Much of the theory can be conducted under 'supervised self-study' where you read the study manuals and undergo initial and/or brush up training at the club.

The flying training is conducted according to the syllabus set out in the Training Manual and each flight is designed to maximise the pupil's learning while not overwhelming them. It is preceded by a ground briefing detailing exactly what will take place during the ensuing lesson. A post flight debrief will go through any issues arising during the flight. All our students have access to their on line training records.

You can go on to achieve further ratings such as night rating with a LAPL and with a PPL you can also get your IR(R) so you can fly in cloud, a full IR, a multi-engine rating or go on to your commercial licence training.

Our 15 hour packages are the most popular way to learn to fly and the most cost effective. Pay as you go prices start from £210 per hour in our Cessna 152s. Email or telephone us for more information.

Please follow the links on the right for more details of the licences and ratings or call us at Blackbushe Aviation for a chat with our operations team.

If you are still unsure whether to take the plunge try our flying start packages or a trial lesson.

Compare the licences

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The table above is brief details only. Full details of licencing requirements is set out in CAP 804.

Licences and ratings

"The Guide says there is an art to flying", said Ford, "or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Douglas Adams

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