About us

Club Owners

Steve Morley
Club Owner, Chief Flying Instructor, Head of Training, Examiner
Steve has been flying since 1999 and has always had the dream of having his own flying club. Steve bought the club in November 2013 along with his wife, Alison. Steve instructs for CPL, Instructor, PPL, LAPL, IR, IMC and night and is an examiner for PPL, LAPL and IMC.
Alison Morley
Club Owner, Operations Director ,Safety Manager
Alison bought the club along with Steve and her role is to make sure Steve flies as much as possible! Alison runs the school in partnership with the Operations team.

Operations team

Kirsty Weir
Operations Manager
Kirsty is our operations manager and brings her vast knowledge of customer service to the Blackbushe Team. Next time you are passing by come and introduce yourself!
Hebe Weir
Operations Assistant
Hebe joined us in May 2018 and is working whilst studying for her PHd . She is very smiley and bubbly and always on hand to help you how she can. She recently completed her companions course with Ian Radford .


Will Robson
Instructor, PPL, LAPL
Will is one of our unrestricted instructors. He currently flies for a commercial airline out of Gatwick and teaches PPL, LAPL and SEP Class Ratings on his days off. He is also looking forward to extending his instructing privileges to include MEP and IR soon!
Chris Jackson
Instructor, PPL, LAPL
Chris has joined after completing his flight instructor course with us. He normally flies corporate jets and is looking forward to bringing his skills and knowledge to Blackbushe Aviation.
Rob Curry
Deputy Chief Flying instructor . Instructor CPL, PPL, IR(r) LAPL and aerobatics
Rob teachesCPL , IR(r) , PPL, LAPL and aerobatics. After flying RAF Tornados at Mach 2.2, Rob has decided to take on a bit more of a challenge and fly Cessna 152s at mach 0.142.
Mike Bagshaw
Instructor, examiner, sky god
Professor Mike Bagshaw, or plain Mike, as we call him, is an instructor and examiner with a vast and varied aviation history. Mike has been a test pilot, medical examiner and instructor/examiner and has flown every conceivable aircraft one could imagine.
Steve Bradd
Instructor, aerobatic instructor and examiner
Steve conducts our aerobatic trial lessons and aeros courses. Steve has been instructing at Blackbushe Aviation from before it was called Blackbushe Aviation! Steve has a great deal of experience as an aerobatic pilot and instructor and loves turning people upside down.
Steve Pells
Instructor and Examiner CPL, PPL, LAPL, IR, IR(R) ,multi
Steve teaches and examines PPL, LAPL, and IR(R). He also teaches CPL,Multi and IR. He is a current commercial pilot who instructs and examines with us part time.
Alastair Greenan
Instructor PPL, LAPL
After finding his way to Marrakesh in a Piper Arrow (which he claims was intentional) Alastair plans club flyouts and teaches PPL and LAPL.
Chris Wilkinson
Chris has been a long time member with us and has just completed his SEP CRI. He can instruct for those of you who hold a licence and would like training in an SEP aircraft.

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