Upcoming Flyouts in 2023

Here at Blackbushe Aviation, we offer our students the opportunity to fly to different places as part of a club flyout. This year, we have put together a great list of options from an IFR flyout to Islay in April, a PPL flyout to Deauville in France and to finish off the year a week-long European Tour down to Gibraltar & Tangiers.

Islay, Scotland 21st April 2023

Deauville, France 13th May 2023

Guernsey, Channel Islands 3rd June 2023

Isle of Man, Irish Sea 24th Jun 2023

Scilly Isles, Cornish Coast 22nd July 2023

Gibraltar & Tangiers, 7 day European Tour 11th-18th August 2023

All are bookable via the Flyouts page on CloudbaseGA or through the Operations Team at info@blackbusheaviation.com